Email Marketing – How To Grow Relationships In Your Database

Email marketing is taking a really bad rap. Supposedly open rates are in the toilet, no one has time to read and the sky is falling. I am not sure I that I believe email marketing is dying, I think CRAPPY email newsletters are dying!

Email Marketing - How To Grow Relationships In Your Database | NewslettersSo, I went to an InfusionSoft (a really AMAZING email database company) workshop and they had a super-de-duper workbook that showed how to do lifecycle marketing (going from leads, through the sales funnel, to customer retention, etc.) So I started filling the pages out and was doing great with the marketing parts, free give-aways and all….then…started petering out. Sigh. get the workbook here!

I am INCREDIBLY bad at nurturing prospects and moving them through to a purchase. Now don’t get me wrong, I have LOTS of clients who LOVE working with me, the problem is that they practically have to beg me to let them hire me and even then, HORRIBLE at follow-up am I. I cannot tell you how many people have said to me, “please let me know when you are having your next class”, to which I reply, of course and THEN never tell them about it.

Staying In Integrity

So what holds me back from keeping in touch with my peeps? 100% it is the worry that I will be out of integrity. I KNOW my peeps need what I talk about, I KNOW that there are bad social media marketing companies out there hurting businesses and not doing half the job we do, I KNOW there are coaches out there spouting BS and not serving their clients, yet still I worry about sending out emails.

So I was on a coaching call the other day (YES! I have a coach), and they suggested that I send out a “did you get a chance to read my email” email. Are you freaking kidding me? You want me to send out an email asking if someone read an email? I immediately wanted to turn turtle and say that email marketing is NOT for me. What I decided to do instead is to make sure that I have my database set up so that I can send GREAT and AMAZING information to people who are actually interested in hearing it….so there stupid email idea!

How To Grow Relationships In Your Database

Because the universe is conspiring to help me, the next thing that happened is a friend called and told me the best ideas she got from her coach about how to find the key people to focus on, LOVE when everyone shows up to help all at once. I swear that I have to hear the same thing, over and over from different people until I understand it fully! So here is a mix of how to stay in integrity AND do email marketing at the same time.

New People In Your Database

So one of the things I always assume is that when someone comes into my database they know all the cool things I do (social media marketing, coaching, webinars and seminars). I figure that they will visit my website again, see me on social media and read my blog posts to know what is going on that will benefit them…probably not so. What actually happens is that they get my initial free item, think how cool it is (ALL my stuff is AMAZING or it doesn’t go out) and then never hear from me again.

With that in mind, I am working on ways to follow-up with people that provide actual value and DON’T make me feel creepy and salesy! One of these is to set up a series of autoresponders that let them know the OTHER cool free things they can get if they are interested. Also, they will from time to time get stuff that is appropriate for their industry (I have them separated into real estate, retail, restaurants, etc.) By making sure I send stuff that will interest them, I can sleep at night.

Past Clients

So one of the neatest things I do are one hour marketing consults with business owners who are just starting out or who need a bump in their business. I LOVE these peeps and it is my favorite part of my business. So what do I do with them. Send them their notes, say thank you and ignore them until they might possibly ask for another meeting. What about this, how about if I send them their notes, a nice thank you and then a couple weeks later ask if they have any quick followup questions. Then a couple of months later, send them a message and see if they would like to meet again. BRILLIANT…sigh. I KNOW that I provide value on these calls and in meetings, I KNOW their business grows when I talk to them and still I fall down by not being proactive about following up with them.

That all changes right now!

Neat People

Something that came from talking with my friend today was figuring out who the “neat people” I meet are. I speak A LOT so I meet a ton of great people who I would like to be more than just a name in my database. They may never be dear friends (I only have a handful of dear friends), but I would love to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle!

I am going to make a tag that are the neat people. Now, who are the neat people you ask? I like REALLY interesting people, people who like their business or who like marketing. I like people who are a little quirky, like pets and who like marketing (okay, I admit, most of the people I like, like marketing!) Your neat people might be ones who have kids or who are home chefs or who watch American Idol and can dish on the latest people sent home. They may be republicans, home schoolers, hamster owners or people who love the Jets.

Figure out who your neat people are and make sure to love up on them with information and emails about what THEY love!


One final bit for this post before it gets too long (too late I know)! You need to know who are the connectors in your database. The ones who love you, refer you out and who talk a lot to other people. Connectors are the types who, when they hear your car broke down and you need a mechanic don’t just tell you who to call, they throw you in their car and drive you there! These people LOVE to share ideas, great services and most of all, stories of what a great job you did for them.

Love up on these guys too! Take them to lunch. Send them a little card. Email them something you know they will like…oh, oh, oh share something of THEIRS on YOUR social media, helping them for no reason other than they are wonderful.

I am going to be working on my database until the end of the year. If you would like to be in on the lovely-ness, shoot me an email tara (at) and I will add you in. If you tell me a little bit about yourself, I can make sure what you get from me is AMAZING and helpful…:)

PS – Just so you know, I loved the InfusionSoft “Stuff” so much, I signed up AND had them as my first ever blog sponsor (LOTS of people ask, never said yes before). That is an affilate link to the workbook, if you would like to skip that you can do a search for InfusionSoft Lifecycle Marketing and find it.

PPS – If you have any great ways to segment your database, please leave a comment!!! I am all over this right now…:)

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