Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam – How To Spot A Spammer On Pinterest!

How to spot a spammer on pinterestSpotting a spammer is pretty easy. Most of them do not even try to hide their nefarious activities, screaming at us to BUY, BUY, BUY and generally making marketing hard for the rest of us marketing pros.

With a new social media platform coming on scene with a lot of fanfare like Pinterest has, OF course the slimey spammers are going to be out in full force to make things icky for everyone.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest for social mediaSo, for those of my small biz peeps who have been too busy working to follow all of the social media trends, Pinterest is a new, free, photo and video based social media site. It allows you to save picture from around the internet, organize them into “boards” and then share them with your friends (less socially and more visually based marketing).

There are some really neat things you can do to capitalize on the power of the visual BUT there are also creepy spider people around who are looking for ways to corrupt this wonderful, amazing tool (can you tell I am over the moon for the Pinterest?)

Here is a really quick video to show you how to spot spammers!

So basically look for:

  • Too many boards
  • Lots of boards with only one pin
  • Incongruent pins and board names
  • Too many following and not enough followers
  • No description at the top
  • No likes
  • Bogus twitter account


  1. says

    I started to comment about how would you report a spammer but you answered that you wouldn’t bother. OK. While I would not expect anyone to spend a lot of time policing this, I would hope if there was an easy way to flag a spammer, you’d bother.


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