Social Media Marketing – QUIT BEING SO RUDE!

Social media marketing seems like it is the PERFECT place to market your small business. You can “make friends” then answer everything they talk about with your product as the answer. You can spam their message box, selling your products unrelentingly until they unfriend you, leaving a swath of torn and bleeding bodies of people who used to like you.

Okay, maybe I need to have a little less coffee this morning, but I have hit the end of my patience! Social media marketing IS NOT about spamming people. It is NOT about selling your products, services or opportunities to anyone who even remotely talks about something sorta close to what you sell!

So lets break this down FIRST so you know what bits of the business I am referring to:

  • Profile – this is the person on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ AND your regular account on Twitter (they do not have a separation)
  • Company Page – on Facebook and Google+ you can interact with people as your company instead of your human
  • Direct message – this means that you send the person a non-public message behind the scenes
  • Posting on their wall – when you go to someone’s page or biz page and post your marketing message on an internet property they own

Social Media Marketing - Quit Being RudeSo what got my panties all in a twist about rude social media? Well the other day I posted a video about a young mother who had a heart attack and shared this, “My mommy died of a heart attack..but she was older (not much but a little). Ladies…know the signs and get help FAST!!!” – a really personal bit of information about myself and I was sincerely trying to make sure ladies knew the warning signs of a heart attack. There was no business in it, just a heartfelt piece to post.

What I got back was this in a direct message:

Love all of your posts Tara – appreciate your dedication to motivate! Regarding the heart attack video post. I would love for you to see this short clip it addresses the link between oxidative stress & all major disease (heart disease #1 killer in women) Unfortunately many products make claims that are untrue. We’ve all heard it so many times that we don’t want to hear about 1 more. Protandim has 3rd published scientific studies and one by The American Heart Assoc. Hope you have 10 minutes to spare to watch the ABC News report. Would love to answer any questions you might have! Stay warm~

So I get these from time to time from spammers, but this was beyond the pale. Sorry your dead Mom and all, but will you watch a 10 minute infomercial about how to join my MLM team? SERIOUSLY.

Social Media Marketing, Quit Being RudeNext up was less horrific but still did not feel good at all. There is a LOVELY woman in my networking groups who I admire A LOT for her class, until now. So I posted a link about a blog I did on how to use video reviews to generate sales. Now this was informational only, I do not sell video marketing although I do teach it in my classes. This is what I got back…

Hi. Reading your info on the video marketing. What if you could have all your testimonials on video, all your trainings pass code protected or pay-per-view? One of our products is a 24/7 webshow that’s branded and marketed to you. You can even run your own infomercials. If you’re interested, I can send you information on the products. Let me know. Have a great day!

Seriously, I KNOW she cut and pasted that directly from her sales material and NO I don’t want information (MORE spam) from her about her product that she is trying to hard sell me. So what could she have said that would not be rude?

  • This is the message I sent her back – hey girl! thanks for the info – I have a client who sells video marketing so would use her if I did pick one… that having been said…make sure you make a comment on my post like “SOOOO glad to see that more and more people are using the video marketing” – that is a nice way to point out that you have those services without hard core selling!
  • She could have said – I LOVE all of your information about video marketing, I have a great piece about how video testimonials help increase sales, would you like to read it?
  • OR, did you ever need someone to talk about the benefits of video marketing at any of your events? I have a great presentation that I give to help small business people get started with video marketing!

OF COURSE, none of that works after you hard core spam someone. SHOUTING buy my stuff, buy my stuff rarely makes the human at the other end feel warm and fuzzy.

Some other fun rude social media marketing messages I have gotten lately (I am just cutting and pasting here people, no need to make these up when they are coming in every day!)

  • My I introduce my business to your Facebook page and post it there?­­­­­­ – what he is asking (a complete stranger) is if he can use my social capital to introduce his page to all my friends so he doesn’t have to do the hard work of building his own networks…NOT!
  • Tara, Good morning ! (name deleted to protect the guilty) from Ohio here. I was wondering if you might be interested in taking a look at an incredible new rewards program that is sweeping the country We are in pre launch until February, but our membership is growing at a rapid pace as people are anxious to utilize the benefits of being a member For more information go to This is just a short 4 minute overview.Thank you for your time and consideration I hope you have a great day ! – seriously? I am going to stop looking at pictures of puppies and kitties and watch his 4 minute infomercial?
  • Hi there . do not hesitate to like us at – awww thanks for thinking of me, I am sure that you have my very best interests at heart spamming me like this…no worries, I am running right over to “like” you page right now…NOT!

SERIOUSLY, every one of these people could have crafted a message that was less spammy and salesy. They could have added to the conversations rather than just vomiting their products all over me. While I PROBABLY would not have responded to any of them anyways, I DEFINITELY will remember how they made me feel – less than human.

Please, please, please – remember that there is a human being at the other end of that spam you are sending. She doesn’t want to read company propaganda, she doesn’t want to buy your stuff on the Facebook, AND she will not forget that you treated her like piece a meat, rather than a person!

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