Customer Demographics – Super Bowl Ads 2012

2012 Super Bowl Ads Customer DemographicsThese customer demographics are about targeting the correct people and crafting ads with purpose to elicit a response to that particular demographic. If you are looking for numbers, please move along OR if you have numbers you would like to share, please leave a comment below!

The 2012 Super Bowl Ads Winner (according to my highly biased opinion) is…..

For the second year in a row, I have to give a HUGE shoutout to the motor city! Featuring Clint Eastwood and a GO AMERICA theme, this a great followup to last years Eminem commercial.

Having been raised in the heartland, these kinds of commercials definitely give me a warm fuzzy! The demographics for this ad are GREAT! Heartland people who have watched their livelyhoods dwindle, men over 40 who love Clint Eastwood, Gen X and older who knew a time when we had manufacturing and everything did not come from China PLUS it is targeting a demographic with money to spend on a car (more about that later).

It is a Buy American, sentimental piece that will sell more cars! YAY!

some more info about this ad:

My Customer Demographics loser ad this year is….drumroll please…

The Audi vampire ad…argg… I took a peek at the Audi website and the starting price for vehicles was $27,270. SERIOUSLY? The teeny bopping, vampire loving, buying my first car crowd is NOT a good target customer demographic for Audi. I have not seen anyone under 30 step out of a Audi and here they have vampires climbing trees and dying in the light (not being a vampire watcher myself, it took me a little bit to get that they were dying because of the headlights).

This one has the feel of trying to convince young people that this is not your Dad’s sedan…never a good play.

Some house favorites:

The dog versus the cute darth vadar guy plus one that was missing that we wanted to see…star wars barking dogs…I HATE the new policy of releasing them on the internet to build “buzz” before hand…Net takes surprise out of Super Bowl ad blitz

The coke bears…Johnny liked this one because it was football and bears! Since a good portion of the TV audience is football watching men, making the cuddly bears play football seemed like a good thing to do!

BEST Corporation Helping Someone – Budweiser We Go Ad

Okay, the “we go” got old fast but we got a chuckle out of the keg PLUS they had a message about adopting rescue dogs. While I am not huge a “plain” beer drinker, I am a HUGE supporter of corporations that try to do good…helping homeless pets got Bud on the list and could sell some more beer!

If you would like to see all the Super Bowl 2012 commercials, visit AdBlitz

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