Being Authentic Is The New Black – Small Business Branding

Small business branding is just like corporate branding, just cooler! As a small business owner, you have the chance to project your personality and focus into every aspect of your business, starting with being authentic!

Recent Corporate Branding News That Is Bad

So we were sitting around with the family yesterday and the topic of the new Cooper Mini came up (two mid 40’s, two mid 60’s and a mid 70’s aged people). That got us talking about the new Fiat 500, which lead to the fact that Fiat faked Jenny From The Block. For those of you who don’t know it, Jennifer Lopez has built part of her brand on the fact that she is just a girl from the Bronx and Fiat tried to make it look like she was tooling around in NYC but she was actually in Los Angeles during the filming. Here are some of the articles about the debacle:

So why was this so egregious to my family who has no stake in Fiat or Jennifer Lopez? Because it felt like we were lied to…period. If you are going to show her driving in the Bronx, which is her home town and part of her brand, would it really have been so hard to do it there? Was she too important to go back or was Fiat too lazy get the girl to the city? Either way, it did not feel authentic!

Small Business Branding and Authenticity

So what does this mean to you and your brand? My brand it being “TARAdactyl”, a marketing obsessed, time managing, blogger, speaker and coach that gets things done. (Who knew in the early 2000’s that having a Google name like that would follow you around forever?!?!)

When I speak, I am brutally honest. When I talk on my blog, honest, in person, online, in print, everywhere, same schtick. The nice thing about this is that I don’t have to try and remember what I told to whom. I can speak my mind and not feel like I am being untrue to myself.

Now, could a lawyer or doctor do that? SURE! Dr. Oz is one scary dude, but he is honest about all kinds of things that most people won’t talk about on TV.

But being authentic to your brand does not all have to do with honesty, it also has to do with staying true to who you are and what your company sells. If you are selling cars or houses or bathtubs and you are proud of your product and how you represent it, that will show through.

(if you are not all in on your product, that is a post for another day, but seriously, quit selling that right now and get going doing something you LOVE doing!)

Watch This! Gary Vaynerchuk talking about being authentic from 2008 – this shit never goes out of style!

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  1. says

    I didn’t know that about Jennifer Lopez, but I think it just goes to show how one fake move can mar your reputation. For small businesses, it can be even more devastating. Make a list of your company beliefs and values and use that to build your brand. And be consistent and professional. You can do it, even on a budget :)

  2. Tara Jacobsen says

    I agree sharon! nothing looks worse than getting caught “faking it” as a small business owner. Your reputation is everything and being true to that is the easiest way to operate. Thanks for reading!!!!

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