What To Post On Social Media – Curating Content

As a small biz owner, figuring out what to post on social media can be a hugely time consuming process. This is actually called “Curating Content” and can help make you a thought leader in your space!

Curating Content - How To Find Things To Post On Social MediaIn the old days, information was shared at museums. If you wanted to find out about cool dinosaurs, you went to the Smithsonian and read about them on the little cards beside the bones. Barring a trip to Washington, you went over to the Encyclopedia Britannica and looked them up or even went to the library and took out some books about the subject.

The problem with all of these methods is that they were filtered by “experts” who had massive academic degrees under their belts and were incredibly knowledgeable BUT you were still only getting thoughts and opinions about what THEY thought were important.

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Social Media – Curating Content

Fast forward to today! The encyclopedia has been replaced by Wikipedia, where anyone with a wealth of knowledge about a certain topic can join the discussion and add their facts to the conversation. I KNOW, Wikipedia is not the source for all knowledge, but it is a damn good place to start! AND it has the added benefit of being free, so that knowledge is not being reserved for the people who can afford to shell out hundreds of dollars to own it!

There are also thought leaders in the real world and on the internet who are sources for specific knowledge. I follow Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin for some of my marketing ideas and Chris Brogan on Google Plus for interesting tidbits. Andy Jenkins and Howie Schwartz are good resources for training and…the list goes on and on. What they all have in common is a strong voice and the willingness to talk about other people and where THEY get their inspiration for brilliant ideas.

Stop Trying To Be THE EXPERT

When someone is trying to be “THE EXPERT” (caps intentional), they like to portray that they got there on their own with no help from anyone else. They pontificate and bluster and we hate listening to them. The new experts are the ones who have consumed THOUSANDS of hours of information about a topic and who are knowledgable and helpful about sharing that information with other people. They frequently cite their sources and give credit to other thought leaders freely, knowing that their value does not depend on keeping the shameful secret that they don’t know everything! Seriously, the Emperor with no clothes and the Great and Powerful Oz have all been outed! Knowledge is free and I am just as likely to look for great ideas from a fellow with 7 friends on Facebook as I am to listen to someone with millions of hits to their blog each month, as long as he is passionate about his topic!

So How Can You Curate Content?

In a previous post I talked about how to use Google Alerts and iGoogle to get content for your social media empire. So you have your links, now what do you do with them so that you don’t look like a spammer or an idiot?

So there you have it, content curation and what to post on social media for small biz owners and entrepreneurs. If you like this kind of thing you will LOVE our Marketing Artfully University which has how to marketing videos for small business owners and entrepreneurs.


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