Realtor Marketing – FSBO or Expired YouTube Campaign

Realtor marketing has many different aspects and doing YouTube videos can seem overwhelming, but learning the ins and outs of doing basic, basic videos is SO worth your time! In this post we will talk about how to set up a FSBO YouTube Campaign!

Overview of a FSBO and Expired Marketing Campaign

When you are doing a FSBO and Expired marketing campaign, you are going to work the homeowner through a series of steps until they are dying to list their home with you because of all the great information that you have given them.

  • FSBO and Expired Marketing Campaign Step 1 – Go on the Preview appointment. For those of you who are just getting your feet wet with FSBOs, this means that you ask them to view their home to put into your database of potential properties for sale that are not currently listed with the MLS (either because they are For Sale By Owner or Expired). This meeting should not take more than about 15 minutes.
  • Drip on them until they list with you! – So, just two steps? That’s right! After you have the face-to-face meeting, you should be calling, emailing or popping by to see them every couple of days. The easiest way to get “face-to-face” is with a YouTube video, which leads us to:

FSBO or Expired YouTube Campaign

Deborah Ward, Keller Williams Clearwater Realtor, was kind enough to share her FSBO and Expired Follow Up Video Campaign with our real estate marketing students, although we do have step one laid out for you here!

Follow Up Letter Number 1

Dear XXX,

Thank you for meeting with me to tour you home! Because we work with buyers also, it always good to know ALL the home available in the marketplace, not just the ones listed in the MLS.

One of the things in this market that makes a huge difference in how quickly you home sells is price, I KNOW, that is what everyone says! Unfortunately they say it because it is true and as we talked about, I am always going to tell you straight, not sugar coat it to make to you list with me!

One of the things that we offer during our listing presentation is a comprehensive CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) that will show you what homes are on the market competing WITH you and which homes BEAT you by being sold before yours. If you would like to make an “official” listing appointment, please give me a call and I will get you on calendar for next week!

Thanks so much, Deborah

Deborah Ward

Technical Bits Of Doing A FSBO or Expired YouTube Campaign

  • The first thing you want to do is make a follow up video series (Deborah has 4 messages that she sends out). You can use your cell phone to make these.
  • Upload your video to YouTube.
  • Set up your autoresponder program to send out your videos every two or three days! If you are using Top Producer, that will be an action plan, if you are using gmail, you are going to have to remember to send them BUT it is so worth your time!

I KNOW, it sounds too easy to be true, but that is it! If your email program allows HTML, you can embed the video, if not, put a link to it and you are done!


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