Customer Demographics and Super Bowl Commercials

Customer demographics almost ASSURES that you did not like all of the Super Bowl commercials this year! If a company truly tried to make something for everyone it would be a colossal failure. So how does this translate to small business marketing?

Super Bowl Commerials and Customer DemographicsAs small biz marketers, sometimes we just want to do one commercial (or one ad or one website) that will appeal to everyone. This rarely works as the same thing that a 24 year old male would like is generally not something that a 50 year old female would find funny or endearing. If you are marketing to a certain age group, socio-economic status or sex, you are targeting a specific customer demographic.

Easy Peasy Customer Demographics Superbowl Commercial

While we were watching the Stella Artois (beer) commercial featuring Adrian Brody crooning in a night club, men across America were rolling their eyes and women were saying, “now that is a beer commercial that I can get behind!” Nothing fancy, just selling a romantic evening with a nice piece of eye candy. Some of the great twitter comments I found was were:

Stella Artois just effectively marketed a beer to a woman. WIN. | We all certainly paid attention! AND In a world where @namechanged didn’t exist, Adrien Brody could serenade me in Parisian nightclubs whenever he waaaaants

If you had to make a guess, which demographic is this one playing to – Teenage boys? Nah, probably 35-55 year old women who are not huge beer drinkers but who account for a huge percentage of the viewing audience. Last year’s Super Bowl had 106.5 million viewers, and near as I can tell the viewing audience is about 60 percent male, 40 percent female (there were not great statistics about this online). That means that by ignoring almost 40 MILLION women, most beer companies miss the mark and wind up showing us stupid slapstick, boy humor or muscle car chase ads.

Buy American Customer Demographics

One of my favorite ads this Superbowl was for the Chrysler 200. Now the car featured in a just a couple of seconds of the spot, what the ad agency was selling was a “buy american”, support the home team kind of vibe. Having grown up in the rust belt of Northwestern Pennsylvania, I can tell you there is a large part of the country that is Pro-America and whose heartstrings got tugged last night.

Additionally, these people are in the 40-plus customer demographic which places them squarely in the socio-economic class that can buy a luxury vehicle. Some Twitter comments included:

We are loving the Detroit shout out by Chrysler and Eminem Best storytelling of the night. | Chrysler. Imported from Detroit. THAT was a badass commercial. | I really like seeing Chrysler use the Detroit/America angle for a tug at the American pride and heart.

Compare that with some of the quotes about the snarky, controversial ads that Groupon was running which were intended to be a, “parody of a celebrity-narrated, PSA-style commercial that you think is about some noble cause (such as “Save the Whales”), but then it’s revealed to actually be a passionate call to action to help yourself (as in “Save the Money”)?”

While they thought it was cute, the comments that I saw included, “Groupon Tibet is most tasteless ad I have ever seen. Unbelievably exploitative. Stunned. | Did Groupon just make light of the political struggle in Tibet? Who wrote the ad, Kenneth Cole?”.

While one bad series of commercials will not sink Groupon, did they actually think that this kind of publicity would help their squeaky clean, take my money and I get a deal public persona? If the commercials WERE made for certain customer demographic, I cannot pick it out easily. To me it seems like they were more of a vanity piece for Groupon who said on their blog, “The trouble was figuring out what to do and with whom to work. We had tried working with creative agencies before and had never been that impressed. Our peculiar taste in humor made it really hard for outside agencies to come up with concepts we liked.”

Small biz marketers – remember this when making your commercials or YouTube videos! While it okay to have personality when making videos, it is equally important to focus on WHO you are trying to reach and what that message should be!

Well there you have it, my top two Super Bowl commercials targeting customer demographics! If you have a favorite and want to include a reason why I will add it to the post, just leave a comment!!!


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