How To Write A Blog Post That Will Rank In Google

It is amazing how many bits go into writing a blog post that will rank in google. While there are a million different posts out there on this topic, this post is laser focused on one of the more practical aspects – keyword marketing.

How to write a blog post that will rank on googleWhen you sit down to write a blog post, the first step is to make sure that you have a topic that you are interested in and which will compliment your three main keywords for your site. My site is all about small business marketing, entrepreneur marketing and realtor marketing so I HAVE to talk about some kind of marketing (which is good because I am obsessed with all things marketing).

The next step is to start writing. Put down everything that you think is going to be relevant and interesting WITHOUT worrying about what keywords you are going to be using. Yesterday I started out writing a post about “Using national marketing campaigns for small business marketing” because I had seen a good link posted by one of my friends on Facebook. This is the first paragraph (which I use for my description) when I started:

The easiest way to jump start your small business marketing is to use national marketing campaigns. Piggy backing on something that a national company has spent GAGILLIONS to produce is a great way to help build YOUR brand!

Interesting to me, easy to research BUT after I got a little ways in I started wondering if anyone was searching for that! It is great to be a purist and write about what you are interested in BUT I want people to actually find and read my words also. Come to find out that NO ONE was searching for that type of thing. Now this doesn’t mean that I have to scrap the whole post and start again. I did a search on the google external keyword tool and found out that 135,000 people search for “funny youtube videos” – now that is MUCH better! So I kept writing my post about “funny youtube videos” when I realized that doesn’t have anything to do with marketing (and I am not funny but that is for another day!). RATS.

Okay, so I need to get it into the realm of marketing so I checked and there are 1,300 people searching on google for “funny youtube commercials”. A MUCH smaller number but probably people who are going to be at least a little interested in what I have to say about funny videos and marketing.

Here is the final description that I can up with for my “Use Funny YouTube Commercials For Small Business Marketing” post:

The easiest way to jump start your small business marketing is to use funny YouTube commercials for small business marketing. Piggy backing a funny YouTube commercial that a national company has spent GAGILLIONS to produce is a great way to help build YOUR brand!

I KNOW – that seems like an awful lot of effort just to get your keyword marketing right, BUT it actually took about a half an hour to write the post and 15 minutes to “fix” all the keyword problems. At the end of the day I am happier with how it turned out AND am way more likely to rank well in the Google!


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