Keyword Marketing Capitalize On Current Events

Keyword marketing has reached a new level and super exiting level. ANYONE can rank on page one in Google for a search term that thousands are searching for if they capitalize on current events.

Keyword Marketing Capitalize On Current EventsSo what are current events in the Keyword Marketing world? Current events are thing that are new and noteworthy that people will be searching for OR large events that have their own humongous marketing budgets that you can piggy back on.

How can a motorcycle race team use Apple’s Marketing dollars to get viewers?

So you know Apple, Steve Jobs and all of them? You know their marketing budgets run in the millions of dollars right? And you know that they just launched the iPhone 4 with a digital video camera. They are IN THE NEWS! Well this little team of motorcycle racers in Colorado did a GREAT job of leveraging the power of all that marketing by being one of the first people to USE the phone to do a mini documentary on an interesting subject (the phone has been out less than a week at this point).

iPhone 4 Short Film – “156 Turns” – Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with Ducati Multistrada

Another whackjob, I mean GREAT marketer who will be capitalizing on this launch is the “will it blend” guy. He takes perfectly good things and blends them. Why this is so brilliant marketing-wise is that he is showing how good his product is AND getting more and more viewers by each and huge product launch that is out there. He has blended iPhones, iPads, Olympus cameras, and even Facebook. Each of these are a great keyword that most everyone is chasing but that he is getting ranked for!

So how can a small business owner do this? Well a Flip video camera costs less than $200 bucks. And creativity costs nothing. One example that springs to mind is one of our clients who paints horse portraits. She could pair the term “horse portraits” with “Kentucky Derby Winner” or “Belmont Stakes Traditions”.

For people who sell makeup, look to the Grammys, Oscars, Miss America, etc. For those who sell toys, Santa, Christmas, Child Star Birthdays and more would be good. Basically you need to put on your thinking cap and try to find topics that are in the news now that would be a good match for your industry!


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