Blogging How to find something to write about everyday

How to find something to write about when you are blogging is the number one question I get from our clients. Here are my Top 10 Ways To Find Something To Write About!

Blogging what to write aboutSo what is the best way to overcome this almost daily bout of writers block and get some content up there on the interwebs? Here are my Top 10 Kick Me In The Pants and Make Me Write Something For Goodness Sakes ideas…

Top 10 Ways To Find Something To Write About

  1. Subscribe to newsletters – oftentimes all it takes to get me writing a blog post is to read something I like or hate by another writer. Now do not get me wrong, I never copy and always give attributions BUT I can jump off that idea and start a post of my own!
  2. Subscribe to feed readers – I use iGoogle to keep track of my favorite bloggers (do not worry Seth, you are always top left). Just seeing a title can give me an idea.
  3. Subscribe to google alerts – use the power of google to send you a digest of what has been written about the previous day.
  4. Check out twitter trending topics – if people are talking about it, it must be in vogue, jump on that bandwagon and get a great keyworded post out there.
  5. Check out what people are talking about on Facebook – I have to tell you, between Twitter and Facebook, I have found some of my most recent, favorite things to use!
  6. Ask your friends and followers online what they are interested in – you can just ask outright on social networks or get a going and laser target it.
  7. Pick a theme for the month – with a theme everything becomes easier, your research, your writing and ranking for that keyword in google.
  8. Listen to humans – when you go out and talk to humans, many times they will all ask you the same questions. Pay attention to what they are and “answer” them on your blog!
  9. FAVORITE – Dink around! Give yourself permission to spend a day or even an hour dinking around on the interwebs. It is really easy to get so focused that you are not learning or growing.
  10. FAVORITE – Check your google analytics Right there in the keywords people used to get to your website through google is a list of topics that they are interested in and which you have to be ranking somewhat high on google.

So, enough already! Get over your writers block and try some of these out for more than five minutes and I bet you will get your creative juices flowing again.


  1. Hey there! Just wanted to say that this is one well written article! Thanks for posting this. I was looking for a site that has this kind of info and I’m glad I stumbled upon this one. Gotta love the affiliate marketing business :D Keep up the great articles.


  2. What a great resource!

  3. I joined a challenge with to blog a post a day. They give us the topics. This is mainly my challenge to write a post a day with the topics they give us from I am encouraged as your blog gave me extra ideas, and I don’t always post topics as they perfer. Thanks for the great article.

  4. Tara Jacobsen says:

    @Jackie – gotta say that writing a post a day cannot hurt your blog in the least! I would recommend that you have three primary keywords which will be the cornerstone of your SEO and that all other posts support those keywords rather than writing about random topics.

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