Small Business Marketing What is your superpower

Small business marketing is all about the Linchpins that Seth Godin talks about in his new book. I just finished listening to it and I loved the part about finding your superpower and using that to succeed!

Seth Godin LinchpinWhat is your superpower?

Do you know what your superpower is? Do you know WHAT a superpower is? One of the examples from the book is that a ConEd guy is “good with people”. That is not a quantifiable skill, nor is one that can really be taught. That makes the good with people guy valuable.

My superpower is to be able to see what small business owners need to do next to succeed in business. When they tell me all of the things that are going on which are keeping them from succeeding, the real issue sticks out like a bullseye on their face to me!

My husband, computer programmer and this week wedding photographer, is REALLY good with math. That helps him with programming, spreadsheets and camera settings and lighting.

Recently I have met people who; seem extremely stable, are amazingly funny and who are master negotiators. Those are their superpowers. They can do other things BUT each of those traits had a powerful adjective in front of them.

I think it may be hard to know our own superpower. To find yours, ask your friends and clients. They will know your superpower and that will help you to craft a really great mission or positioning statement. The nice thing about superpowers is they are all BENEFITS and not features.

You would not say that you are obsessive compulsive, you would say that your attention to detail makes you the perfect person to work with lawyers. You are not hyperactive. Your high energy assures that you meet deadlines and achieve your clients goals.

I would LOVE to hear your superpowers and how you are using them to help grow your business…:) Make sure to leave them in the comment section!

If you would like to purchase Seth Godin’s Linchpin please click the link. It is an affiliate link so if you want to purchase it without my getting a little bit of money, make sure go directly to Barnes and Noble yourself!



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