Realtor Marketing Videos to Flip Over

Realtors who are marketing with videos are miles ahead of their competition. For the best Realtor marketing video camera, I can not recommend anything more highly than the Flip Video Camera!

So what does a realtor video look like? This is Deborah Ward’s video for the Sage Condo Complex in St. Petersburg Florida. It took her about two minutes to make and we put it on YouTube as well as embedding it on her Real Estate In St Petersburg site.

For a Realtor who is rocking the video scene, you MUST see Cyndee Haydon’s Sandbars to Sunsets blog. This Clearwater Beach Realtor knows her stuff when it comes to video marketing!!!

Realtor Marketing Flip Video CameraSo why should Realtors buy a flip camera specifically? Because they have opposable thumbs. Honestly, that is the sum total of learning to use a Flip camera. Click the red button once to start. Click the red button again to stop. Then plug into your USB drive and move it over. Upload to YouTube and that is it! I can not tell you the number of Realtors I have met who got a fancy HDR, high def or some other kind of picture taking monstrosity that they can not use because it is too complicated. Make your life simple and spend the $150 bucks on a Flip!

PS – There is an affiliate link to the Flip camera in this post and I will make a little bit of money if you click on it. If you do not want me to get it, go to amazon and type in the search yourself…:)

PSS – This is the kind of information we give over at the Marketing Artfully Do It Yourself Realtor Marketing site. For the rest of the month of March, if you purchase the do it yourself realtor marketing, I will upgrade you to the ultimate plan since we are still in beta phase for the lifetime membership!


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