How Often Should You Post To Your Blog?

I have been blogging about small business marketing for years now and one of the most frequent questions I get from beginning bloggers is – how often should I blog? To me this is NOT a one size fits all kind of question! There are a number of factors to be considered including…

How Often Should You Post BlogsFirst – Do you like to write?

Posting blog entries is not a chore for me. I can write about anything (once I even wrote about toenails in conjunction with marketing on a dare!) Since it is not hard for me to do, making sure to post at least three times per week here is easy. If you are not a natural writer, I would suggest starting with once a week and building up from there!

Second – How often does your audience expect to get updates?

My audience is small business owners, realtors and entrepreneurs and I know that they are only avid readers of my content basically Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday are dead times for me so I rarely post then. Also, they are not necessarily looking for me to post multiple times per day so I am good with a thrice weekly schedule.

Third – What are you trying to accomplish with your posts?

I have close to 200 posts on my site that I have done over the years. While much of my daily traffic comes from today’s posts, an equal number of new visitors are coming in response to a search engine listing on an archive post. This is the long tail theory of marketing which says that I could never figure out EXACTLY which keywords people might use to search for my content BUT if there is enough content out there then I will get eyeballs.

For example, today someone found my site by searching “differences between facebook, linkedin and twitter”. Now I have never written a post for that and the page that came up was the sales page for my social networking videos that I need to change BUT the cool thing is that they bought! Writing lots of content is the closest thing to money for nothing and the chicks for free that I can find!!!

If you have not read Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail” yet it is definitely a MUST READ if you are just getting going on internet marketing! This is an affiliate link but that doesn’t make my ABSOLUTE recommendation any different…:)

Finally – What can you commit to?

I have found that some bloggers start off hot and heavy and then peter out because they get busy. Busy with life, busy with following up on all of their blog sales leads, busy with work. Now those are high quality problems to have, but if you blog 30 times your first month, 10 times your second month and 2 times your third month, you are going to disappoint your readers who have now come to expect a high volume.

My thought is that it is better to set a reasonable schedule and then live up to it. If you do write more then you can just schedule that they be published at a later time.

Well bloggers – hope this helps! The photo with this picture is my original blog design from 2006! I liked my meerkats and other cute pictures but they did not necessarily scream small business…:)


  1. says

    That’s a tough question. Generally, as you outlined, there are many factors that go into the “right” answer, which varies with every blog. Short answer: A minimum of twice a week.

  2. says

    Wow – hard to believe that was 2006 – I still remember those cute critters of yours.

    I must say Tara you are setting the bar pretty high by posting awesome blog posts for us business owners so regularly. Ouch, unfortunately I resembled some of those remarks – working at getting on more consistent schedule myself.

    I find part of the challenge is we didn’t have all the other social media channels back in 2006 and 2007 when we started – which all seem to take time – facebook, twitter, etc. – so now it’s even more important to have a plan.

    As always – love reading your words of Marketing wisdom

  3. Tara Jacobsen says

    @Eric – I think twice a week is realistic if you are at all writery BUT most small business owners don’t post at all so once a week is huge jump for that gang!!!

    @Cyndee – SO CUTE – I liked all my pictures but they loaded DOG SLOW…hehehhe. That is a GREAT point that I never thought of although I actually find it easier to post now that I have been doing it for a while because when I need a topic I pop into my analytics and see what people are searching for and write about that! BUT the time to tweet and post and facebook and actually work does get out of hand sometimes!!!

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