There is no one marketing thing that works

I have been talking about this with humans A LOT lately so I am just going to get it off my chest here. There is NO ONE marketing thing that works! Facebook is not going to change your life, getting a blog or a website will not get you 1000 prospects tomorrow, new business cards – nope, print advertising – nitch, direct mail – nil, video – nada. Small business owners, entrepreneurs and realtors need to get a grip on the fact that anyone selling them THE ONE THING that will take care of all their marketing needs is lying (and not just a little bit, a big fat lie!)

small business entrepreneur and realtor marketingThere are a bunch of small business owners who are sad. They do not like doing marketing much and prospecting (calling) is out of the question for them. They are pining for the good old days when they could just place their yellow page ad once a year and then sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Realtors are looking for a time when sitting in the office meant that you got the next live buyer or seller that walked in the door for floor time. Pine away, those days are gone and yearning for them just means your small business is slower to get going in the new, more competitive marketplace.

Think about what has come and gone even in just the last decade…

  • I started 2000 arguing with business owners that having a flash movie between their website and the search engines was harmful (and expensive)
  • HTML built websites were hard to build, expensive to change and gave way to…database and frame websites that were hard for search engines to find!
  • No one even knew about google
  • Direct mail fell off the map in the latter part of the decade (smart marketers know that now is the time to get in when competition is low)
  • Advertising in newspapers stopped being the other easy way to market
  • Snazzy marketing materials and design became affordable at
  • Blogs showed up as a great way to get found by search engines and were easy to use
  • Social networking like myspace came and went and new ones like twitter and facebook took their place
  • AND people started using the internet to find small businesses instead of using..wait for it…the yellow pages!!!

Now-a-days small business owners have to be more marketing savvy. They do not have to learn HOW to do the actual technical parts but they DO need to know what works the best for their business AND get involved. I can guarantee that no one will love your business like you do so handing over your marketing to a snake oil saleman could be death of it!

I am putting this out there loyal readers – before you spend more than $1,000 on any type of marketing please post a link to what you are thinking about here. If I think it is great I will publish it and give  your marketer some great publicity and you the thumbs up. If I think it less than great I will message you behind the scenes and let you know my thoughts. I have talked to too many small business owners lately who are spending a FORTUNE on snake oil…:(

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  1. Betty says

    I enjoyed reading your article. I agree that it takes several marketing aspects to grow a business and it seem the wave of the future is social networking. My 2010 goal is to become proficient at social networking and see where it takes my small business. A great reference book that has taught me alot is “Networking Like a Pro: Turning Contacts Into Connections” (authorDr. Ivan Misner). It has really opened my eyes to the world of networking. I’m not that out-going but I’ve changed my mind-set (thanks to this book) and am actually having fun.

  2. says

    Salient points in this marketing climate. The savvy business owner knows to diversify his/her marketing strategies.

  3. says

    Excellent points you bring up. What worked a decade ago does not work now; now you need to tap into the power of social networking/marketing as well as continue to satisfy your customers.

    Anyone who thinks there is a silver bullet for marketing online will be sorely disappointed.
    .-= Alec Steele, Strong Niche Marketer´s last blog ..How to Easily Find Instant 100% Immediate Commission Affiliate Niche Products To Promote Online =-.

  4. Tara Jacobsen says

    @Betty – glad to see you are out there on the social networks – would love to “friend” you over at facebook

    @Eric – it is SO important to have a focus!!!

    @Alec – AMEN BROTHER!!! I see so many small business owners who are just discovering marketing channels that are on the downside and not recognizing that social networking and blogging are here to stay (for now at least..:)

  5. says


    Thanks for that very grounded info, reminds us of our age! LOL

    Have to keep up with the times, if you don’t dive in and get your hands dirty, you will never know some of the tricks to online marketing.

    A bit like juggling, drop one piece and it could all come tumbling down around you.
    .-= Joan´s last blog ..Blog Conversions =-.

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