Small Business Branding – Give it a name

Small business branding is NOT an art! It is also NOT a science! But it is vitally important to your business. If you have not done so yet, do (or get some done) keyword research so that you know the two or three terms that matter in your industry to whomever is purchasing your products or services.

Then name your business – NOT NOT name it something cute or personally fulfilling. Can you guess what Safer Dates sells, how about Business Writing Ink or Marketing Artfully? What do you think Etsy sells (crafts), Endodis (kitchen and restaurant supplies) or Geico (insurance). As a small business owner you do not have enough money to start a branding campaign to convince people that geckos go with insurance!

Then brand (name) your products or services. Products are easy because you have something tangible to work with, services can seem harder but giving them a name and a set price. STOP, I know that everything you offer has variables and that you CAN’T put a price on your services because they are flexible. The internet and humans HATE flexible. Put a name and a price on it and then put a disclaimer that it could be higher or lower depending on the circumstances!

I offer a Small Business Marketing Inspection: ($100) Review your current marketing plan on a two hour consultation call (or visit if you are local to Clearwater or the Boulder area) detailing areas of excellence and suggestions for areas you may need some additional work on!

This is something people can understand and call to ask me about. For startups, this is enough but sometimes small business owners are ready for the next level of service which is $500 and which offers more. And sometimes they want a custom solution to their marketing needs, BUT if I never got them talking with a solid, BRANDED and PRICED offer I would be dead in the water!

So to recap our branding talk:

  1. Do some keyword research to find out what the internet and your potential customers think your business or products should be about
  2. Name your business something that will help your sales
  3. Name your products or services and give them a price

Next time we will talk about how to take that brand online!


  1. barak says

    Great post !

    I Guess the people of Warren Buffet are capable of a lot. If they can associate both cavemen and geckos with insurance they deserve some credit.
    Another facet that is important about managing a brand online is enabling its visibility. Having a profile on websites such as Linked in and LookupPage can improve search engine results for a business .


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