Twitter Day – How to use twitter for your small business!

So I am determined to get some value out of twitter and social networking for my business! With that in mind I have set out on a mission to figure out how to make twitter work for me and my tribe…:)

These are my twitter numbers right now (I did follow a bunch of people this morning so that number is a little skewed!) 963 Followers, 1060 Following

Now I have to say to start, if you are just getting into twitter this will be a little harder for you. I have been on twitter for a while and so have updates that people can see and decide to follow me. If you are new make sure you (1) set up a twitter account, (2) post some updates relevant to your business and (3) follow some other people (they will probably follow you back!).

Here are some of the things I have done to get more followers and actually make twitter work for me!

  1. Followed a bunch of people directly from Twitter – FREE
  2. Signed up for Xavier Media’s get more followers program – FREE
  3. Signed up for Tweet Later which sends a message out automatically for me to ask people to be my Facebook friend also (if you would like to learn more about this, I wrote about it on my marketing artfully facebook page, while you are there, make sure to become a fan!) – FREE
  4. Signed up for some groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that allow you to post your twitter link (it looks like this – FREE

If I do anything else I will make sure to post it here but for now I am all tweeted out!


  1. says

    Do we know of any documented incidences of any humans or other life form that have actually received business contacts from Twitter use? It seems if one were to make this happen, the ONLY way to do so would be to follow your tips in this post (thanks again for more amazing ideas). Honestly, though, I don’t know if I’m quite ready because I just keep thinking that any new any ‘friend’ would have to be a total twit.

    Julia Fishel’s last blog post..Pinellas Waterfront Homes on the Beach, The Gulf or with Gulf Access

  2. says

    Hi Julia!

    I have not heard of anyone who got business and I don’t track where sales of my videos or thrive come from (it is on the list but I haven’t gotten to that yet…:( That having been said, I am big on leaving breadcrumbs around the internet and have to think that it doesn’t hurt. I also don’t do anything proactive once the systems are set up to shoot my blog posts there and send the followup email sooooo….

    Has anyone out there documented business from Twitter – I promise that we won’t call you a Twit if you respond?!?!?!

    PS – I have 1033 followers now!


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