How To Leverage Google – Do More of What Is Working!

So I was looking at my Google Analytics the other day and noticed that I was getting more organic click-throughs from the search term “Realtor Email Newsletters” – YAY! While I work with all kinds of businesses, we have a product called Thrive that focuses on marketing for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage People and Title Companies. 

I have been trying to make it REALLY clear that this is not a real estate blog and that MOST of my clients are small business owners NOT realtors BUT that was just too big an opportunity not to tell you about!!!

So what will I do to leverage this great search term?

  • Wrote this post with a link to Google to tell them I love them!
  • Wrote a post over at Active Rain (a blog for realtors and real estate) that links to my product 
  • Will post this blog post on my Facebook page to add to the effect
  • I will make pages on sites like Squidoo and Wetpaint that capitalize on the search term

Another great problem I heard about this week comes from Julia Fishel, a fantastic Palm Harbor Realtor. She emailed me to ask what she could do about the fact that she wrote a great blog post that ranked high for Palm Harbor Realtors on Active Rain that was showing up high on Yahoo but that did not “hook” to her real blog. Here are some things she can do!

  • Put a cool banner at the bottom that drives people from the high-ranking post to her blog where she can collect data like email addresses
  • Make sure she uses that term in some of her post titles and other online info – I am huge fan of the path of least resistance. While it is admirable to try and rank highly for ALL the search terms you could, I tend to figure out what works naturally and then reverse engineer my stuff to capialize on it!

So there you go – Do you know how people are finding you on goole or yahoo? Make sure that you have google analytics loaded on your site so you can see all the incoming search terms people are using to find you!


  1. John says


    I agree with your to make sure you will be in the top list when it comes to Google. Its a great opportunity to grab especially in this line of business. Advertising in the most popular search engine would be an effective way to enhance your marketability. Just like the how these Real Estate SEO did and hit it all the way.

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