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Small Business Advice – Anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE talking about marketing, reading about marketing, teaching marketing classes, blah, blah, blah. On the weekends I frequently spend time researching new marketing ideas, planning for new projects and doing lots of other TOTALLY fun things. This weekend I ALSO spent 7 hours fixing my blogs, optimizing them for SEO, picking keywords, etc. I hate doing that! A friend called me during hour 7 and asked what was wrong, I sounded that glum!

I also spent 6 hours this weekend working on a design project for a great client ( The owner is a businessman and marketer who is commited to executing a comprehensive marketing plan for 2009 – that makes me SO happy! BUT he needs design help first, so I am doing that for him as part of the whole plan. That is not my favorite part, but it is something that must be done in order for him to succeed.

So what does that have to do with you? You are a Realtor, or retail store owner, or a craftsman, or a Mary Kay Lady. Well…I am sure that you picked your profession because you love part of it. I know Realtors who have battled through 2 years of hardship with no end in sight, just because they love helping people and selling real estate. I know beauty consultants who like to make people feel good about themselves by making them pretty.

EVERY small business owner (and employee) has stuff the don’t like to do. Stuff that they put off as long as humanly possible before starting and then only do scratching and clawing through each step with horror and gloom. What if you did those things first? Got them out of the way sooner rather than later? OR What if you found someone else to do it instead? Kept the parts of the business that you like and ditch the rest!


  1. It’s true Tara- I got into Real Estate because I love houses and people, and I am still in real estate because I still love houses and helping people. So much so that I can’t imagine not doing it. Having said that, I also couldn’t imagine doing this without the wonderous team that stands beside me. One person is only capable of so much, and if 80% of my time is spent doing things I don’t like about the business, then my other 20% becomes far less productive because it is consumed by the looming, lingering 80%.

  2. Tara,

    I know I should do those things I dislike the most first (calling sellers when they need a price reduction reduction on their home is at the top of that list). I can’t outsource that – yet! I find that giving myself a reward helps. Oftentimes that reward is getting to goof around on great blogsites like!

    Julia Fishel’s last blog post..Predictions for the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market … When Will we Hit Bottom?

  3. And where was that pink time this weekend happening exactly?? It was even a Holiday Weekend! I am sorry, great post Tara Darlin’ but you need some pink!

    As you can see I have been putting off those things that I least like to do. Thanks for reminding me! It is a new day and a new year and I am energized thanks to my dear friend Tara who keeps me motivated and marketed. I got a fabulous post card today from an agent that I must hire to list my house……..oh yeah it was me! Thanks to Thrive I arrived in 300 mailboxes at an address near you!

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