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So I wrote a FABULOUS post about arbitrage over on the Thrive Contact System website. Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price differential between two or more markets.

I always feel like Affiliate Links, Buying shares in a company you believe in, and Leads are a lot like arbitrage – making money for nothing, multiple streams of income, call it what you like – it means more gold crossing your palm!

Affiliate Links – If you work with companies that you like and recommend to others, it may be a fun idea to place affiliate links on your website. These links can be incorporated into your posts, added to a link page,  OR you can have a banner like the one on my right sidebar. That link is to AWeber, a great email newsletter company that I recommend to my clients and friends. I also have a link to Vistaprint which I recommend to EVERYONE. Your readers can sign up, work with a quality company and you can make some money.

Writer’s note – I don’t EVER put a link to ANYTHING on my sites that I would not recommend to my father. When I use that criteria I wind up making great decisions about what products to recommend!!!

Buying Shares In Companies You Believe In – If you want to make some good money, buy shares in small local companies that you do business with which have great leadership! I own shares in a Title Company (Star Title Partners) which is headed by Mimi Patrick who does a fabulous job with Short Sales. I recieve periodic dividends from them when the company is running in the black! That having been said, I also work alot with Somers Title where Joyce and Diana also do a great job and help with my Speaker Series!

So how do having these kinds of resources lead to leads? If you become a trusted resource for great companies and services, if you recommend people with integrity, if you make sure that YOU work with integrity – people will want to work with you! They will visit your website or blog to find out what you think and who you trust!

I get requests A LOT from companies who would like to have access to my readership and client list. They think that the way to get more clients is to have someone like me recommend their services to my “people”. Sometimes they offer big dollars to “recommend” them. I don’t do that. If it is not a company that I believe in, you won’t hear about them!

While it is great to generate extra income, don’t do it at the expense of your values and integrity!

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