Small Business Marketing Case Study – Intuitive Organizing

So in my quest to tell the world how they should do their small business marketing, I met the other day with Cassandra and Lani of Intuitive Organizing! We did a two hour marketing plan meeting and had a great time discovering some things about their business and how to position it.

What they do

Intuitive Organizing provides organizing and cleaning services. They are incredibly commited to doing this with the smallest amount of enviromental impact possible. Basically, they help people clean up thier homes or offices. They go into homes of seniors who are moving to ALFs and help them downsize to fit into their new homes. They also work with families when a person passes away and their household needs to be dis-assembled.

What they were doing 

Casssandra and Lani had made some great connections which could provide customer leads in bulk. They have been speaking with a potenitial business partner who is a great opportunity and also had made inroads into the Guardian area. Guardians are people who help the elderly and disabled manage their money and assist them with selecting vendors. 

Through discovery, we found out that Guardians HAVE to provide 2 quotes (ALWAYS COMPETITION) and also are bound to choosing the lowest cost vendor in order to give the senior the most value for their charges. 

What I think

These women are commited to providing exceptional service during a time when people are stressed and sometimes grieving. They are professional and upbeat. I think they are going to do VERY well as long as they remember that they are in business to make money, not just help people (you know it is not a job unless you make money!!!!)

I like the look of their materials but their message is not totally clear. They tend to have a lot about their concept and credo and not much specifically about their services and value proposition. I think they should put specific clients in their heads and then set up marketing materials that explain that. I think they should have a price sheet, client testimonials and a clear mission statement that captures their business briefly.

I think they should tell their story – they manage your “stuff”, they sell your stuff and give you the proceeds, they donate your stuff if it doesn’t sell, they recycle your stuff to charities that are in desperate need and as a VERY last resort, they take the rest of your stuff to the dump. They LOVE to make things neat and organized. They light up when they talk about helping people. They want to help their employees have more opportunities. 

I think that they should concentrate on making business arrangement with people who can help them generate leads in bulk. Realtors are a great source of business for these guys – they DO NOT have to get two quotes, Realtors do not want the cheapest vendors (Realtors want to provide value BUT they also want to provide their clients with a high quality service). There are free ways for them to market to Realtors including setting up an Active Rain blog. Realtors allow them to use economies of scale – there are LOTS of realtors and they tend to share great vendors when they find them!

I will keep everyone up to date with how Cassandra and Lani are doing – I REALLY believe in the service they offer and am excited about their environemental policies!!!


  1. says

    I would appreciate Cassandra and Lani’s contact information for future reference, and can think of two instances recently where their services would have come in very handy had I known about them.

    I have been trying to find someone who does just what they do, but in Santa Monica, CA, to help my dad. The next time you chat with them I’d appreciate knowing if there’s some sort of online network for people who do what they do so I can find someone in LA, or perhaps they even have a referral? Thanks!


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