Your Database – How Use It For Emails!

So now that you know what a database is (your database a how-to), let’s talk about how to talk to your database! I was going to do all of the contact ways in one post BUT then email part started getting pretty long so I will split it up into a multi-part post!

General Thoughts

Having a database and just using it as a mailing list is just not right! If you are only using it to print out mailing labels, you can make a change that will really have an impact on your business. A great database, excel spreadsheet or solid Outlook program can mean more money in your pocket!!!

If you have categories for your contacts, make sure to send the right emails to the right people. I send general small business information to my whole database, but when I have something real estate related I send it to ONLY the realtors NOT everyone!


You should have a list of email addresses for your clients. I am NOT a spammer and only believe in sending information that is helpful to my clients. Some recent emails I have sent:

  • Information about an upcoming webinar on Listingbook, inviting them to sign up for the class (sent to people who have attended my Listingbook classes)
  • Thank you for attending my class email, WITH a followup email campaign that attendees can use to contact their clients
  • Thank you’s to people who attended my booth at a recent networking event
  • Emails through my blog when I post a new message (I use for this since it is automatic)
  • Email sent to all prospects when we changed the model of our 33 Touch Program for realtors 

All of these things benefited the recipient of my email. None of them was a blatant advertisement for my product or service. In this day and age, no one has time to study an advertisement that tells them what my product offers, makes them figure out how it will benefit them and then ask them to do something that they weren’t already inclined to do!

I think that the “rules” of email have changed! Sending a long and informative email WILL WORK – IF you are sending something worthwhile to the reader. Sending an email on Saturday will work (I sent out the Listingbook followup email on Saturday night and got 7 responses almost immediately) – you don’t have to time your emails as much as you used to have to IF you provide an item of value when you send it!

To make even more of your emails, make sure to add a little something to your signature line! I have a link to this blog on every email that I send out. I get A LOT of click throughs from mail programs from this. I also will sometimes add a links to a recent blog post if it is something really exciting! It should look like this:

Tara Jacobsen
Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Trainer
Marketing Artfully / Listingbook / Keller Williams Realty

Visit my blog for great marketing tips!

Doing just these few things can make a huge difference in how well your emails are received! To review: send interesting or valuable information, don’t be a spammer, send out targeted emails to the correct people and lastly, SEND MORE EMAILS! They are free and can be fun!!!

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