Selling Cat Books to Real Men!

So I had an epiphanie the other day! I was driving along and noticed a very attractive man walking along the side of the road. He was obviously a he-man and spent time lifting weights and taking care of himself. He was sauntering along taking in the day and enjoying himself.

At the same time I was listenting to an ebook that was saying that they would never “read a book where a cat solved a mystery”. I LOVE BOOKS where cats solve mysteries!!! BUT I thought “that that guy would NEVER buy a book with a mystery solving cat”!

I could spend days, years and a million dollars selling cat loving, mystery solving books to that guy and he would still NEVER buy one!


Courtesy JWinfred
He will NOT buy a mystery solving cat book!

Make sure you know who your target market is – if you are a middle aged, fun loving woman, DO NOT try to act cool and reach teenagers on their level – you will just make a complete jerk of yourself! If you are a starched shirted, businessman – DO NOT try to be one of the girls, you will make a complete jerk of yourself!


Make sure you know who your target customer is and that you are not trying to put a round peg in a square hole!

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