Time Management – As In Where Does It Go?

When you think of all that you have to do, what feeling comes to mind?

A. Bliss – you love to be busy and have just enough to do to get through the day and leave at 5:00 OR
B. Horror – this cannot be your life, your todo list is longer than a garden hose and there is NO WAY you are EVER going to get everything done

I have a feeling most of us are somewhere in between! These are the problems with time as I see it – when you have lots of time you are bored and when you have none you are grouchy. I have developed a handy dandy survey for you to fill out so that we can all see where we are timewise – BUT first I will give you my opinions so that the survey comes out the way I want…JUST KIDDING!


Should we do the “I answer calls from 11-12 and 3-4” thing OR should you answer them as you go? I am not so great at returning calls and so I got Phone Tag. It answers the phone for me and then sends an email with the content! I can then call back the people who need immediate help right away and the others later on when I have time. It is a beautiful thing!


Emails – I keep hearing that I should check my emails once or twice a day, first at 11:00 AM and then at 4:00PM. I will tell you, in all sincerity, that if I wait until 11:00 to check my email I will be spending until 4:00 answering them and cleaning up the thousands of spams that will have accumulated.

My thoughts – I do check my email a lot throughout the day. Mostly I can fire off a 5 second response and check it off on my todo list as a WIN for me. BUT I also get sucked into reading stuff when I should be working. Mini Solution – I am seeing all the things I delete automatically or always send to a folder without reading and setting up filters. PS – If you email me dear readers and do receive a response you may be stuck in folder purgatory!


I AM NOT A SECRETARY! I am working my tail off to get to the point where I can hire a secretary. In the meantime I am spending HOURS a day doing data entry and busy work. I am sad. Maybe I will check out a virtual assistant. Excuse me, I have to go add a notation to my database and then commit hari kari!!!


I am GREAT at this and love making calls – okay here is the truth, I hate making calls but LOVE coming up with ways to see people face to face! I like sending out emails and mailers. I attended social events and organize master minds. I have lots of friends and do okay for myself BUT I AM calling more and getting more business!


This is a big one. Sometimes it seems like doing a bunch of the small unimportant things first will make you feel productive. Brian Tracy tells us to Eat the Frog – i.e. do the worst thing first and then all the rest will seem easier. I am trying to focus on my most important tasks and then letting the rest come out where they may!

SURVEY – I have developed a 5 questions survey to see where we are all having trouble – please take the minute and a half to fill it out so we can all know how messed up you are (just kidding, results are NOT linked to any one person!!!)

Click Here to take survey


  1. Brian P. Forrester says

    Hey TJ! I love the ideas of mid-process surveys for my mortgage customers! I want to make sure they are happy at the end, so knowing at the middle of the transaction how they feel is invaluable. Thank you for your help in creating that.

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