33 Touch – Fab 5 Contest

So Mary Dado of Business Writing, Ink and I have been on a whirlwind tour of 4 South Florida Keller Williams market centers. We went down there to talk about the Fab 5 Contest our region is having and the 33 Touch Program that we developed to go along with it. What the heck is a Fab 5 Contest you ask?!!?

Our region of 29 offices is competing to be the best at sales and lead generation! We KNOW that if we call, email and direct mail to enough people our business will grow. (On a side note – I LOVE lead generating because it gives you the chance to have people call you, it gets you lots of opportunities and it allows you work with only people you like and can truly help!)

Marketing Frequency

100 Calls – You should be making (at least) 100 calls to your sphere, your clients, your prospects and your vendors each month. This ALWAYS seemed overwhelming to me, but now that I am doing it, not so much! I made 12 calls in one day, got two opportunities and one appointment – go figure!

Email – You should email your database each month. This is FREE and if you send interesting and relevant info, people will enjoy getting your emails. I do not advocate sending more than two emails per month unless you are working with a targeted group like investors, since you can overwhelm them and get on the “send to trash immediately” list! If you send a weekly newsletter and do not have a huge drop off rate for your list, you can send two emails IN ADDITION to the newsletter because that will be your baseline for starting.

Direct Mail – I know, direct mail is dead, everyone is using the internet and emails. Except they aren’t. There are many segments of the population that are not online 24/7 to read your information. Also there are people (like me) who get a gagillion emails a day and delete most of them unless they are TREMENDOUSLY relevant. If you send a mailing out to people’s home address (preferably) they will see it and notice it. If you send relevant info they might even stick it on their fridge! Make it a personal note and watch out!

Learning Something

So I was roaming around “pontificating” as Mary Dado says (meaning she can’t get me to keep my mouth shut if I can get 5 people in a room to listen to me!) During these sessions with other Realtors, I asked what they were doing to grow their business. I got LOTS of great answers and learned a few new tricks!

It reminded me that NO ONE knows how to do everything! I make sure to surround myself with interesting people, who cumulatively might know ALMOST everything. We have a “Mega Chicks” mastermind group with 6 intelligent, determined women. I have an internet mastermind group every other week. I hang out with people who are smarter and funnier than I am so that I can learn from them. I ask for help and appreciate when I get it.

Some of the people that we talked to were VERY receptive to trying something that might make their business better. They were not POSITIVE that it would work but were willing to give it a shot – hey what do they have to lose? And they might wind up with a thriving business in a tough economy.

On the other hand, some of the people were SURE that it was not for them. They would NEVER send anything out, or they would NEVER make 100 calls, or they had tried this before and it did not work at all. They didn’t want to be accountable to anyone else for having said they would do something. If this is YOUR knee jerk reaction, is it holding you back? Could you TRY doing something different and SEE if MIGHT work rather than rejecting it out of hand?

I was just sitting here wondering if that was too strong a statement against people who have a closed mind (I don’t want to offend someone I might have met in the last couple of days). But then I realized they won’t be interested or open minded enough to read my blog anyways…:)


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