Have A Blog, Make New Friends!

So you already know that you can make friends by having a blog (other bloggers will come to see your posts and you can visit theirs) BUT what about in the real world? Who reads your posts?

I know that Diane Nelson (Pinellas County Tax Collector) does! How do I know that? Well I was in Rotary today and she mentioned that she had seen my purple cow post on The Tara And Sheila Show Blog about how she has revolutionized the tax collecting business:

Here in Pinellas County we have a REALLY weird situation – we like going to the tax collector’s office to pay our bills! How could that be you ask? To know what a turn around this is, you have to understand that just a few years ago it would take HOURS to get anything from your tax bill to renewing your license. Since Diane Nelson took over as the Tax Collector, our public service has turned into a purple cow. There is an efficient system for getting to the right person who can help you fastest. Her staff is knowledgable and pleasant and it usually takes less than 20 minutes to get in and out of there. As she said, more than one person has told her what a PLEASURE it is to give her their money – way to go Diane!

So what does that mean for my business? Who else has seen that? Sometimes it is hard to know what the results of a blog post may be. You may not find out until months later that it made a difference to someone’s business or your own. DO NOT start a blog thinking that you will get a customer tomorrow. DO NOT start a blog thinking that it will magically turn around your business. DO start a blog if you are passionate enough about something to write about it at least a few times a week. DO start a blog if you want to talk with people in a public forum about matters that are important to you.

A blog is different from a website, a blog allows people to talk back to you. They can agree or disagree with you, they can add to the conversation, you can become a expert and give advice. It is a wonderful medium for opening communication with people you didn’t even know were reading!


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