Imagining the world from 1 idea!

So I have just started talking to my new internet friend Steven from The universe connected us just when he was trying to figure out how to successfully market his artwork and I was looking for people who wanted to learn how to choose a niche and market themselves!

While “talking” with him, I casually threw out a list of things that make up my perfect world. I thought that I should share them so that you will know where I am coming from and where I am going! More than anything it is a way for me to talk to myself and finalize my vision.

My perfect world involves traveling, speaking, learning and teaching others about marketing, spending time with my family and meeting interesting people.

Traveling – This is a weird one for me, I get really stressed about packing but once I am on the road I eager to find out what is going to come next. It seems like I learn more about the world and myself when I am away from all that is familiar and have time to think without the day to day stuff crowding in. My husband is photographer and I love to see the world through his photos. Traveling would give us new things to look at!

Speaking – I have spent a couple of days with a friend who shares my love for speaking. We joked about the fact that if we can get 5 people in a room to listen to us it is a great day! I love the energy that comes from having a bunch of interested people all sharing their opinions and thoughts. This is one that I will be working on A LOT!

Learning and teaching others about marketing – How do you describe a passion for something so weird. Who sits around thinking of all the ways ANYONE could increase their business, help more people, grow their charity, or just touch more lives? I know, Seth Godin does that but is it a career path? I hope so!

Spending time with my family – I have spent the last two years working my tail off at being the best Realtor I can be. I have been inordinately successful at it and have developed some lifelong friendships and opportunites. That having been said it, has taken away from my family timewise and from me personally. It is hard to admit that something is not your passion when you so want it to be.

Meeting interesting people – This one is SO GREAT! I am blessed with wonderful and diverse friends. I have a family that is supportive of all my random strangeness. I am on a quest to spend my time with people who are interesting and driven and inquisitive. I cannot express how wonderful it is to have people in my life who add to my wellbeing just by being alive and being my friends. You know who you are and THANK YOU!

I will ask you all what I asked Steven today – If you could do anything, what would you do?


  1. Diana Santos says

    Hey Tara –
    GREAT Blog! I have been researching many and I must say that yours kept me reading ALL the articles. I am anxiously waiting to get mine up and going – have a fantastic friend at work who is going to assist me. Can’t wait!
    Your asked – If you could do anything, what would you do? Career wise – I would want to reach a Top Producer status. I LOVE being a realtor – I have been in NY & CT for just 2-1/2 years, but waited over 17 years while raising 5 kids! This I want for me AND my family – and I WILL GET THERE! I’m big on positive thinking. I had a walk-thru today for a closing tomorrow – the excitment on my clients face is priceless!

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