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So it was a great day in marketing! I spent some time with a wonderful woman today figuring out what her business model would look like and helping to pick a name and position for that business. I thought you might like to see what the process looks like!

Focusing On Her Goals – We spent some time looking at what kinds of work she would like to do. She wants to do writing projects for businesses (go figure with a name like Business Writing, Ink.) including documenting systems, blog content, technical or how to manuals and other specific writing assignments. We figured out that she DOES NOT want to write for consumers, no resumes or other end user type documents.

Brainstorming Names – We then hit the thesaurus to try and figure out words that would convey her message. We looked at “composing” as in composing documents and thought that we could maybe incorporate a musical theme. We looked at write and pen and script and ink. When we got to ink we had a revelation! Ink sounds like Inc. for incorporated. It was a very exciting time for us because when we paired that with Business Writing it sounded like a winner! Then we found that AND were both available. I felt that it was important to find a url that would be creative enough to be interesting, but also to be able to point the correct spelling to the main site in case someone was sounding out the business name.

Logo Design – Now that we had a name we looked for images that would convey the writing aspect of the name. We checked out pen looking brackets, a document scroll and a couple of different kinds of inkwells. As of now the final inkwell has not been established, but I like the one below the best! We also looked for a font that would convey an old world look but was still creative. Below is the final look that we finished today. There may be some tweaking to do yet but it should be something like this:

Business Writing Ink Logo

What I love about this logo is the punctuation and how it makes total sense with the business that she is in. The fun part is that it is technically correct, but also helps to make humans recognize that Ink. represents Inc. in this example.

We finished a couple of more housekeeping issues like registering the urls and setting up her email address. We will be working on getting her blog / website set up soon and then she should be off to the races! Like I said to start – a very good day in marketing!


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    I am the person who is the recipient of all the marketing genius that is Tara Jacobsen. She is the brain trust behind Marketing Artfully. She has grace, style, intellect, and savvy.

  2. Tara Jacobsen says

    I have to say the key to a brilliant campaign is a great business with solid goals and a dedicated owner. It has been pleasure to work with Mary on her new venture!

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    Ok, I have to pass along this link. I’ve been able to score some cool domain names with this little known gem. Punch in a couple of related words, and see what comes up.

    I was looking for a domain for a truck driver friend who wanted to start a blog for good places to eat on the road, and I came up with

    Yeah, I come from the Darren Stevens School of Lame Advertising Ideas. Haha!

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