Niche Marketing IS My Niche! – How I Started

So how come niche marketing is such a passion? I love helping other people discover what is special about them or their business and then thinking of ways for them to market that specialness! Also, marketing in general is a passion of mine. I spend my free time reading blogs about marketing, listening to books about marketing and critiquing EVERY ad I see (my husband does NOT think that is a feature!)

Basically it is my hobby. Since I have been working on it for a bit I thought I would let you know what I have done to date and what the results have been!

  1. Listened to Internet Business Mastery (a GREAT podcast on iTunes that helps entrepreneurs with establishing an online business)
  2. Got the idea
  3. Did something (This is where most people get hung up! If you have a great idea start working on it. Get a logo, set up a blog, start making notes to yourself in your blackberry whenever you think about it.)
  4. Brainstormed with a friend for a couple of months about how to get started, what we were going to do (his niche is Teaching Landlording Skills) and how were were going to do it.
  5. Listened to a great speaker who told me that I should have multiple streams of income (something I had heard NUMEROUS times before but that I had to hear at that moment to get this thing going!)
  6. Set up the blog. It has taken me about 6 hours to get it going, not counting writing posts. Considering I have about 80 hours into my real estate website, that is truly a miracle!
  7. Sent out a link to the blog out to my marketing friends, they are all interested in marketing or technology in some way. The nice thing was I got positive feedback! If they had said “that’s nice” I would have gone back and re-worked my concept.
  8. Submitted my blog to google. It can take a while for the google spiders to visit so you can do this early in the game. I messed up though since I did not have any title tags or descriptions for the site yet so there is a link but no info about what the site is about – don’t do that!
  9. Scheduled two teaching seminars. Because I already teach at these offices I could have some leeway about what my topic would be. I limited the class to 10 people so that we could really focus on them and discovering what their niche should be. I also let them know that by coming to the class they agreed to allow me to use their situations in my upcoming eBook.
  10. I sent out emails inviting the agents to sign up for my class. Here is the invitation. It is a month away and I only have 3 spots left at the Palm Harbor office!
  11. I sent out a press release for my new site. I use You can send it out for free or spend $1 for a more special one. It costs $5 to promote it. I made sure to make the headline and description interesting to humans so that someone might want to read it. If you look at most press releases they are all about the company NOT the reader! In the past press releases were sent to busy editors and they determined if the release was “news” that they should assign to a reporter to write the interesting part. Now you send out press releases to generate interest WITHOUT a reporter to do the in-between part, make sure that your title and description are compelling enough to get a human to read it. Here is the press release.
  12. I sent out an email to my marketing friends asking them to click on my free press release link. Humans like to read what other humans like to read. I know that is VERY deep! Basically what I mean is that when you see a press release on a huge page of press releases and it has 4,000 clicks you ASSUME that it is interesting. If you see that it has 2 clicks you are less likely to read it. (It has to be said that my marketing friends are very patient and wonderful people!)
  13. Miscellaneous results – I got an email from a Team Leader in Illinois who asked if he could use and refer to my site as he sets up a new office in order to teach his agents about niche marketing. ABSOLUTELY!
  14. Miscellaneous results – Kris Berg (one of my favorite bloggers) commented on my site. As she has provided me with hours of interesting blogging, I am SO happy to be able to return the favor!
  15. Used SEO Studio to submit my website to various and assorted search engines. There is a free version that allows you do submissions and track how well your site ranks in the search engines. I have no results to date and the only thing that registers at all is (Day 7)
  16. Total visitors to date 41 (Day 7)
  17. Here are the keywords I am currently using (niche, marketing, niche marketing, branding, realtors, realtor, real esate, positioning, real estate marketing, marketing for realtors, small business marketing, marketing for small businesses, small business addvertising, advertising, business, small, selling, tips, tricks). I only have 18 at this point but will work with some keyword suggestion tools to get that number up! I used Google’s Keyword Tool to come up with some more keywords (niche marketing blog, niche marketing products, examples of niche marketing, choosing a niche market, niche market advertising, niche marketing websites, free niche marketing). The way I chose these was by looking at the advertiser competition (left column) and avoiding ones that were popular and then looking at the average search volume (right column) to see what people were actually looking for. The nice thing about these new terms is it lets me know what would be good blog subjects!
  18. I just signed up for Mixx a social bookmarking site that lets me see things that are interesting to me and one of those things was a GREAT tool to check how your site is doing called Site Yogi. It shows who is linked to you, where you stand to google and SO much more. It is my very favorite thing today!!!!

I will update this page as I accomplish more and let you know the results!


  1. Internet Business Mastery is a great site. I just listened to Sterling & Dan’s interview with Yanik Silver and was blown away. A must listen for any would be or existing web entrepreneur.

    Good luck with your project, Tara.

    (I got here through a comment on Bloodhound Blog)

  2. Tara Jacobsen says:

    Those guys on Internet Business Mastery ARE great – I love their podcast on Entrepreneurs – it made me feel more normal! Thanks for letting me know where you came from – I am tracking those things don’t you know….Tara

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