But I don’t want to limit myself

I would say that at least 80% of the time when I suggest that someone choose a niche the nichee tells me that they don’t want to limit themselves by specializing. They feel that if they pick one thing that they will be pigeon-holed and not be able to work with anyone else.

Well that is baloney! I have two arguements against that:

  1. You can say you are an expert at multiple things! – One realtor in our area has a bus bench that says she is the Safety Harbor and Countryside expert. I am sure that she uses that in her marketing to those areas as well. Surprisingly enough she has another bench in another area of town that says she is the Palm Harbor expert also. There are no bench police who will grab her and say that she can’t be all three. Since I am marketing obsessed I noticed this, but I can guarentee that I am one of the few people who will ever connect bus benches in different parts of town.
  2. You can make yourself a expert in something that is broad reaching. My real estate business partner and I are experts in Sales and Marketing which allows us to use that in many different ways depending on the situation. Author Tim Ferriss has branded himself as the time-saving expert, Brian Tracy will help you to stuff done and Tony Robbins will get you pumped up to do your best. None of these limit the number of people they can reach, they just put a framework that you can hang your marketing and branding efforts on.

One last point, just because you label yourself the “show dog expert” doesn’t mean your vet business has to work with ONLY show dogs! It can mean that people think that you must be good if show dog owners use you and they will want to have that level of care for thier own pets. Quit thinking how this won’t work for you or your business and think about how it might help make you even more successful!

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